Language Cell | Students' Academic Board

In this day and age of rapid globalization, we are never far from interacting with communities of great linguistic and cultural diversity, both in Indian and International context. The Language Cell, formed in 2016 under the purview of the Student Affairs Board, caters to these ever-growing demands among students and faculty alike in improving research skills, enhancing career prospects or simply advancement of personal knowledge through study of regional or international languages and inter-cultural communication. Since then the Language Cell has served as a dedicated centre for basic and elementary level language courses taught round the year in small focused groups by experienced tutors employing modern teaching methods and high-quality resources. With hundreds of students enrolling in range of courses, Language Cell has been a confluence of people with varied interests be it to increase skills for international experiences, to facilitate domestic cross-cultural exchanges or to build academic proficiency of non-native speakers in spoken English.

Language Cell Team | Students' Academic Board

Prof. Biman B. Mandal

Chairman, SAB and ADoAA(UG)

Prof. Uday Shanker Dixit

HOC,Center for Indian Knowledge Systems

Mr. Rupak Bhowmik

General Secretary (I/C)

Mr. Jayant Jaiswal

Joint Secretary

Mr. Ayush Gupta

Language Cell Head(I/C)

Mr. Pratham Agarwal