Sl. No. Title Sponsoring Agency Sponsored Amount Period Co-Investigators PI or Co-PI
1 Remote Triggered Fiber Optic Communication Laboratory MHRD Rs. 49.00 Lakh 2012-2016 Prof. R. Bhattacharjee and Prof. S. K. Bose Co-PI
2 Design and Characterization of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems IIT Guwahati Rs. 4.85 Lakh 2015 PI
3 Establishment of Silicon Photonics and Microelectronic Devices Laboratory DST-FIST Rs. 285.00 Lakh 2018-2023 Prof. Arun Tej M, Prof. R. Bhattacharjee and Prof. R Sinha Co-PI
4 Designing and implementing a low cost, low power, and high speed optical modulator in silicon photonics platform for realizing efficient electro-optic tunable devices MEITY Rs. 37.00 Lakh 2018-2023 - PI
5 Visvesvaraya infrastructural grant for lab development MEITY Rs. 20.00 Lakh 2015-2020 - PI
6 Analytical and Numerical Design of Hybrid Multiplexer for Optical Interconnect using Silicon Photonics SERB Rs. 36.69 Lakh 2019-2022 - PI
7 Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Fabrication of the Silicon Photonic Devices ASEAN-India SERB Rs. 23.86 Lakh 2020-2022 Prof. Donguk Nam (NTU) and Prof. Fairuz Bin Abdullah (UNITEN) PI
8 Fabrication and demonstration of a state-of-the-art C-band optical modulator in silicon photonics platform for 400G networks CRG SERB Rs. 39.27 lakh 2021-2024 Prof. Arun Tej M PI
9 Design and fabrication of 2D photonic crystal devices for data center applications SERB Rs.44.77 lakh 2023-2026 - PI
10 Consultancy Project for third party inspection (TPI) of CIBMS project at Dhubri, Guwahati, Assam Ministry of Home Affairs Rs.55.63 Lakh 2023-2024 - Co-PI