Debarshi Das 

Debarshi Das 

Education: PhD
+91 361 2582569
Room No: 206
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Research Interests: Development Economics, Political Economy, Macroeconomics

Journal Publications

1. Md. Nasir Khurshid, Debarshi Das, Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Pattern and drivers of profitability in India’s unorganised manufacturing sector", Roview of Social Economy [2023],

2. Debarshi Das, "Marxist Rent Theory and Its Applications in Developing Countries", Science and Society, vol.87, Issue no.4, pp.531-555 [2023],

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Book Chapter

1. Debarshi Das, "Nationalism, Migration and Citizenship in Assam" , Grace, Glory and Gaffe: India’s Northeastern Region @75, edited by U Sahasrabuddhe, G Lele , KBI Publishers , [2024]

2. Debarshi Das, "A Model of the Marxist Rent Theory" , Conflict, Demand and Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Amit Bhaduri, edited by D Basu, D Das , Routledge , [2021]

3. Debarshi Das, "The Unresolved Agrarian Question in South Asia" , The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx, edited by: M. Vidal, T. Rotta, T. Smith, P. Prew , Oxford University Press, USA , [2019]

4. Deepankar Basu, Debarshi Das, "Managing Food: India's Experience with the Public Distribution System" , Farm to Fingers: The Culture and Politics of Food in Contemporary India, edited by K Bhushi , Cambridge University Press ISBN.9.78E+12, pp.215-235, [2018]

5. Debarshi Das, "Agricultural Investment in India in Recent Decades: A Political Economic Note of Its Causes and Consequences" , Economic Challenges for the Contemporary World: Essays in Honour of Prabhat Patnaik, edited by M Das, S Kar, N Nawn , Sage Publishing ISBN.9351508781, pp.286-299, [2016]


1. Deepankar Basu and Debarshi Das (editors), Conflict, Demand and Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Amit Bhaduri, Routledge [2021],


Mathematics for Economics - I
Funding Agency : NPTEL
Principal Investigator: Debarshi Das
Duration/Starting Year:
Status: Ongoing


Online video course on game theory and economics.
Funding Agency : MHRD (NPTEL)
Principal Investigator: Debarshi Das
Duration/Starting Year: 01-12-2009 to 01-05-2012
Status: Completed

Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Nabanita Mitra Rural Occupational Diversification in India: Theory and Evidence Completed
2 Karabi Das The small tea growers of Assam: A study of their monopsonistic exploitation and production Completed
3 Hemanta Kumar Saud Agricultural Production in Assam in the Recent Decades: An Empirical Study of Select Crops in Two Districts of Western Assam Completed
4 Amritesh Kumar Jha
5 Chayanika Boruah A Study of Changing Female Labour Force Participation in India with a Special Focus on Assam Completed
6 Swagata Bezboruah Comprehensive
7 Irene Lizbeth George APR1
8 Md. Nasir Khurshid SOAS
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Kristy Saikia 2021 The impact of urbanization on the residents living by the Bharalu River
2 Narayan Sharma 2021 Economic Well-being of Tribal Farmers in Bodoland Territorial Region, Assam
4 Mohit Sarma 2020 Factors that influence adoption of HYV paddy seeds and share of non-farm income in rural households in the district of Nalbari, Assam
5 Revati S Patil 2020 Women in Agriculture: A study of female labour force in Karnataka
6 Swarn rajan 2019 Transformation in rural economy and agricultural practices in south east Bihar and North east Jharkhand
7 Balram Kumar 2018 Diversification of Livelihood in Chars of Assam: A Study of Lower Brahmaputra Valley
8 Nitesh Kumar 2018 Comparative analysis of agricultural sector in India: Nehru Era and post reform period
9 Adarsh Kumar 2017 The impact of demonetization on the informal sector economy of India
10 Lija Mery Rabha 2017 impact of mid-day meal scheme on enrolment and dropout rate in elementary level in Dhubri, Goalpara and Kamrup district of Assam
11 Deepa Gupta 2014 Food and Nutrition Security: An Integrated Approach
12 Chao Aicheng Mung Borgohain 2013 Challenges in Rural Health-Care: Creating and managing space for the Lower Income Sections in Medical Institutions
13 Puja Borbaruah 2013 Rural Health Care SYSTEM IN India and Assam: with special focus on Child Health
14 Sameem Akhtara 2013 Study on the Conditions of the Workforce of MSMEs
15 Ubaid Mushtaq 2013 Prospects and Challenges of Indo-Pak Trade with special reference to Intra-Kashmir Trade
16 Heman Kalita 2012 MGNREGA's Performance in terms of Asset Creation: A Case Study of Nalbari District, Assam
17 Nabanita Mitra 2012 Plateauingh of Rice Production in West Bengal post-1991-92
18 Ujjal Protim Dutta 2012 A Study of Public Distribution System in Assam with Special Focus on Sivasagar District
19 Manikankana Bhattacharyya 2011 Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) on the Rural Economy of Assam with References to Kamrup, Nalbari and Darrang districts
20 Shokrojit Pegu 2011 Impact of MGREGS on the Rural Economy: A Case study of four villages in Eastern Assam

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Awards and Achievements

Award Title : Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship

Contribution to Economics
Awarded By : United States-India Educational Foundation
06-01-2014 International


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Name of Conference: Amit Bhaduri Festschrift Conference, Economics Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Mar 22, 2019 - Mar 23, 2019 No.of Partcipants: 18 International View


Title: How the COVID pandemic is affecting the economy and what can be done about it

Name of Invited Lecture: How the COVID pandemic is affecting the economy and what can be done about it

Don Bosco University, Guwahati Jul 5, 2020 National
Title: Digitalized rural India: A dream or a reality

Name of Invited Lecture: Digitalized rural India: A dream or a reality

Royal Global University, Guwahati Jun 26, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020 National
Title: Game Theory and its Applications

Name of Invited Lecture: Invited Talk

IIIT Guwahati, Guwahati Nov 7, 2019 National


Title: ICSSR

Name of Workshop: Workshop in Public Economics: Theory and Policy, HSS Department, IIT Guwahati

Jan 8, 2016 - Jan 9, 2016 No.of Partcipants: 12 National