Dilwar Hussain 

Dilwar Hussain 

Associate Professor 
Education: Ph.D.
+91 361 2582572
Room No: 215
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Research Interests: Psychology of well-being, Positive psychology, Psychology of stress, trauma, and coping. ---------Google Scholar Citation Page------------------------ https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=1abktYAAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

Journal Publications

1. Sharma, N., and Hussain, D., "Enduring Racial Milieu: Relevance of cultural intelligence in the acculturation of Northeast Indian migrants (Book Chapter) (Forthcoming in 2022)", Communities, Institutions and Histories of India’s Northeast (Book Title), Routledge [2022]

2. Neel, K. & Hussain, D., "The impact of inclusive education on academic motivation, academic self-efficacy, and well-being of students with learning disability", Journal of Education, SAGE [2021], https://doi.org/10.1177/00220574211031957

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Book Chapter

1. Sharma, N., and Hussain, D., "Communities, Institutions and Histories of India’s Northeast" , Enduring Racial Milieu: Relevance of cultural intelligence in the acculturation of Northeast Indian migrants (Forthcoming) , Routledge , [2022]

2. Sarika, K., & Hussain, D. , "Management Practices for the New Digital Economy" , Inhibitors of the Information Technology Success: Insights from Qualitative Investigation. , Bloomsbury Publishing Private Ltd., New Delhi , vol.NA , pp.193-201, [2018]


Indo-Korean joint project on Centre for depression diagnosis and medication adherence
Funding Agency : DBT
Principal Investigator: Hanumant Singh Shekhawat, IITG
Co-investigator: Dilwar Hussain, IITG; Dr. Gaurav Trivedi, IITG; Prof. S.R.M. Prasanna, IIT Dharwad; Dr. Mukesh Kumar Saini, IIT Ropar; Dr. G. Venkatasubramanian, NIMHANS; Dr. Pravin Pawar, SUNY Korea; Dr. Wesley De neve, GUGC Korea; Dr. Mark Whitaker, SUNY Korea; Dr. Sh
Duration/Starting Year:
Status: Ongoing


NPTEL MOOCS course titled "Psychology of stress, health, an well-being"
Funding Agency : MHRD
Principal Investigator: Dilwar Hussain
Duration/Starting Year:
Status: Completed


Start-up grant project Titled Adaptation to the chronic poverty and deprivation: An investigation into the dynamics of subjective well-being and life satisfaction
Funding Agency : IIT Guwahati
Principal Investigator: Dilwar Hussain
Duration/Starting Year:
Status: Completed

Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Shivali Kashyap A Risk and Protective Factors Framework for Indian Army Soldier’s Subjective and Psychological Well-being Completed
2 Neel Harit Kaushik Inclusive education, self Determination and motivation: A proposed intervention Strategy for students with Learning Disabilities /Difficulties Completed
3 Namrata Sharma Within nation Acculturation of North east Indian Diaspora: Role of Social Identity, Body Image and Cultural Intelligence **Awarded best thesis (in 2020) from the department of HSS** Completed
4 Chandita Barua The Maintaining Factors of Subjective Wellbeing Homeostasis and Resilience among the Victims of Recurrent Floods Completed
5 Sarika Kaushal Assessment of Post-implementation Success and Key Future Challenges of Banking Information Systems: The Role of Technological, Organizational, and Human Factors
6 Vernon Dmello Well-Being & Quality of Life of Geriatric Population in Indian Old Age Homes SOAS
7 Shivangi Gupta Minority stress, Identity development, and mental health outcomes: A Study on Sexual minorities APR1
8 Sushmita Sharma Comprehensive
9 Rudrani Raj Course Work
10 Aditi Sharma Comprehensive
11 Koninika Mukherjee Social and emotional factors influencing and maintaining social anxiety and comorbid disordered eating behavior and symptoms Submission
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Sabith K A 2021 COVID-19's Impact on Students' Academic and Mental Well-Being.
2 Anvita 2015 Advertising and Social Cause: An empirical study on the perception & buying behavior of consumers
3 Ashish Baroi 2015 Alcohol addiction, behavior and consequences: An explanatory study of the views and perception of youths and patients undergoing rehabilitations programme
4 Himangshu Das 2014 Coping with the consequences of communal violence: An empirical study of the Boro and Muslim victims of Nothern lower Assam
5 Ritu Raj Deori 2014 Impacts of dam construction on local people?s lives: A case study on the communities of Subansiri river valley
6 Rudhir Prakash Sarma 2013 Socio-economic and Psychological Impact of the Bomb Blasts on the Life of Survivors: An Exploratory Study
7 Karuna Deori 2013 The impact of the floods on the mental and physical well-being: An empirical study on the people of Majuli Island
8 Khwairakpam Zhiman Singh 2012 Poverty, Social Exclusion and Health: A Case study on Koutruk Community of Manipur

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Awards and Achievements

Award Title : Invited to the Editorial Board Member of the Journal BMC Psychology (Springer Nature)
2021-06-16 International
Award Title : Sessions best paper award (With Koninika Mukherjee) titled Mediating Role of Emotion Dysregulation in the Relationship of Peer Victimization with Social Anxiety and Disordered Eating in the World conference on child and youth, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 4-5 July.
2019-07-04 International
Award Title : Invited to be in the Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Loss and Trauma (Taylor and Francis)
2017-06-20 International
Award Title : Invited to be in the Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Journal of Social and Political Psychology
2017-03-20 International
Award Title : Outstanding Scientist in Psychology
Awarded By : Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of Venus International Foundation (VIF) Chennai
2017 Institute
Award Title : Overall Best Paper Award to a research paper (with Sarika Kaushal) titled "Inhibitors of the Information Technology Success: Insights from Qualitative Investigation"
Awarded By : International Conference on Management Practices for the New Digital economy ICMAPRANE 2018
10-02-2018 Institute
Award Title : Best paper award to a research paper (with Ms Neel Harit Kausik) titled "An intervention based on self-determination theory and nurtured heart approach for students with learning disability"
Awarded By : 7th InSPA International Conference on School Psychology: School Counselling and Skill Development. University of Mysore
09-11-2017 National


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