Nachiketa Tripathi 

Nachiketa Tripathi 

Education: PhD
+91 361 2582556
Room No: 102

Research Interests: Organizational Behaviour, HRM and Social Psychology

Journal Publications

1. Tripathi, N., Upadhyay, S., & Das, H., "Forced transition to technology: Role of self-efficacy and Big Five personality variables in the adoption of technology", International Journal of Educational Management, Emerald Publishing Group, vol.36, Issue no.7, pp.1131-1151, ISBN.0951-354X [2022],

2. Farooq, R. & Tripathi, N., "Moderating role of power distance in the relationship between leader-leader exchange (LLX) and knowledge sharing: Is feedback-seeking behavior a missing link?", VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, vol.00, Issue no.00, pp.00-00 [2022], 10.1108/VJIKMS-08-2021-0154

3. Butovskaya, M. L., Burkova, V. N., Randall, A. K., Donato, S., .. Tripathi, N., ... Zinurova, R.I. .. et al., "Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Role of Empathy during COVID-19’s First Wave", Sustainability, MDPI, vol.13, Issue no.13, pp.7431-7431, ISBN.0 [2021],

4. Burkova, V. N., Butovskaya, M. L., Randall, A. K., Fedenok, J. N., ..Tripathi, N.,.. Zinurova, R.I., al., "Predictors of Anxiety in the COVID-19 Pandemic from a Global Perspective: Data from 23 Countries", Sustainability, MDPI, vol.13, Issue no.7, pp.4017-4017 [2021],

5. Ghosh, V., & Tripathi, N, "Perceived inclusion and team creativity climate: Examining the role of learning climate and task interdependency", Management Research Review, Emerald, vol.44, Issue no.6, pp.849-866 [2021], 10.1108/MRR-02-2020-0093

6. Upadhyay, S., Farooq, R., & Tripathi, N, "Jet without fuel: Nosedive of Jet Airways", Journal of Advances in Management Research, Emerald, vol.18, Issue no.4, pp.505-525 [2021], 10.1108/JAMR-02-2020-0021

7. Bharadwaja, M., & Tripathi, N, "Linking empowering leadership and job attitudes: The role of psychological empowerment", Journal of Asia Business Studies, Emerald, vol.15, Issue no.1, pp.110-127 [2021], 10.1108/JABS-03-2020-0098

8. Dobrowolska, M., Groyecka-Bernard, A., Sorokowski, P., Randall, A.K. ... Tripathi, N. ...Sorokowska, A., "Global perspective on marital satisfaction", Sustainability, MDPI, Switzerland [2020], 10.3390/su12218817

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11. Salunke, S.B., Taggu, M., Tripathi, N., & Laishram, B., "Regional variations in construction labor productivity - The case of two Indian states", Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, SRC, vol.55, Issue no.3, pp.409-425 [2020]

12. Tripathi, N., & Bharadwaja, M, "Psychological empowerment and stress: Role of personality and power distance", Journal of Indian Business Research, Emerald, vol.11, Issue no.3, pp.281-298, ISBN.1755-4195 [2019], 10.1108/JIBR-06-2018-0163

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15. Ghosh, V., Tripathi, N., Mukerjee, H.S., Kabra, G, "Transforming human resource management processes through intelligent systems", Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, SRC, vol.53, Issue no.4, pp.707-710 [2018]

16. Tripathi, N., & Ghosh, V, "Gender differences in the effect of downward influence strategies on perceived stress and general-health: The mediating role of organizational justice", Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, Springer US, vol.30, Issue no.1, pp.1-35 [2018],

17. Sorokowski, P., Randall, A. K., Groyecka, A., Frackowiak. T., ...Tripathi, N.,... Sorokowska, A., "Marital satisfaction, sex, age, marriage duration, religion, number of children, economic status, education, and collectivistic values: Data from 33 countries", Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers, vol.8, Issue no.8, pp.1199-7, ISBN.1664-1078 [2017]

18. Sorokowska, A., Sorokowski, P.,Hilpert, P., Cantarero, K., ...Tripathi, N., ...Pierce, J.D., "Preferred interpersonal distances: A global comparison", Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Sage, vol.48, Issue no.4, pp.577-592, ISBN.0022-0221 [2017]

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Conference Proceedings

1. Ansari, M.A., Tripathi, N., Aafaqi, R., & Tripathi, S, "Annual meeting of Academy of International Business (AIB 2017) Dubai", Supervisors’ upward exchange relationships and organizational citizenship behavior: Testing the moderating role of individual-level cultural orientation, Academy of International Business, Michigan State University, Broad College of Business, USA, vol.0, Issue no.0, pp.0-0, ISBN.2078-0435 [2017]

Book Chapter

1. Tripathi, N., & Poddar, C., "Calling orientation as sustainability in Gandhi’s wisdom" , . In V.K. Kool, and R. Agrawal (Eds.), Gandhi's wisdom: Insights from the founding father of modern psychology in the East , Palgrave-Macmillan, USA , vol.0 , pp.149-167, [2022]

2. Ghosh, V., & Tripathi, N, "Cloud computing & e-HRM" , In Thite, M. (Ed), e-HRM: Digital Approaches, Directions & Applications , Routledge , vol.0 ISBN.978-3030874902, pp.106-122, [2018]

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Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Vinit Ghosh Deep-Level Diversity And Team Creativity: The Mediating Role of Team Creativity Climate Completed
2 Manaswita Bharadwaja Empowering Leadership and Outcomes: The Mediating role of Psychological Empowerment Completed
3 Mamta Tripathi The Dynamics of Knowledge Management in Organizations: Role of Leadership, Trust and Organizational Culture Completed
4 Narsingh Kumar Determinants of stress and well-being in call centre employees: Role of self-efficacy and social support
5 Sonia Nongmaithem Organizational Learning and Leadership: Moderating Effect of Organizational Culture Completed
6 Sudipa Nag Strategies and Gender Differences Completed
7 Satwik Upadhyay Goal selection to goal progress: The role of self-concordance and implementation intentions Comprehensive
8 Ajit Kumar Nigam Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on the Performance of Firms: A Study of Service Sector Firms in India Completed
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Shekhar Raj 2021 Perception of Pandemic in Rural and Urban India and Its Consequences
2 Himasmita Das 2021 Compelled Adoption of Technology in Indian organizations and its consequences
3 Monalisha Majumder 2021 Work Demands and Perceived Stress during Pandemic:Role of Gender and Self Efficacy
4 Chayan Poddar (Institute Silver Medal Winner 2020) 2020 Effect of Leadership on Creativity and Innovation: The Role of Sustainability of Individual
5 Syed Md Akrama Ali Rizvi (Best MA Thesis Award 2020) 2020 Retirement Challenges, Adjustments and Organizational Policies: Toward an Integrated Model
6 Rajpal Rawat 2016 Gender differences in downward influence strategy and psychological well-being
7 Bidyut Bikash Kataki 2015 CSR activities and perspectives of stakeholders: A study of hospital

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Title: various funding agencies

Name of Conference: 18th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology (NAoP)

Dec 14, 2008 - Dec 17, 2008 No.of Partcipants: 250 International


Title: Interpersonal Communication

Name of Invited Lecture: Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)

IIT Guwahati and IIChE, Dept of Chemical Engg., IIT Guwahati Aug 23, 2017 - Aug 23, 2017