Amarjyoti Mahanta 

Amarjyoti Mahanta 

Assistant Professor 
Education: Ph.D.
+91 361 2582577
Room No: 121

Research Interests: Game Theory, Auction Theory, Industrial Organization

Journal Publications

1. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Price competition in a Mixed Duopoly with Discontinuous Marginal Cost Function", Economics Bulletin (Forthcoming) [2022]

2. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "The transition of labour in the presence of adaptation cost and labour market segmentation", Metroeconomica, vol.73, Issue no.1, pp.109-125, ISBN.1467-999X [2021],

3. Amarjyoti Mahanta and Bodhisattva Sengupta, "Price stabilization or income support? Preferences and cost of programmes", Indian Growth and Development Review, vol.13, Issue no.3, pp.629-640, ISBN.1753-8254 [2020],

4. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Endogenous strategic variable in a mixed duopoly", Journal of Economics, Springer, vol.128, Issue no.1, pp.47-67, ISBN.0931-8658 (Print) 16 [2019], 10.1007/s00712-018-0641-1

5. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Price Competition in a Mixed Oligopoly Market", Seoul Journal of Economics, Institute of Economic Research (Director Keunkwan Ryu) Seoul National University Seoul 08826, Korea, vol.29, Issue no.2, pp.165-180, ISBN.1225-0279 [2016]

6. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Contemporaneous Most-Favoured-Customer Pricing Poli cy vs. Price Discrimination in a Differentiated Product Duopoly Market", Economics Bulletin, vol.36, Issue no.1, pp.75-83, ISBN.1545-2921 [2016]

Book Chapter

1. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Replicator Dynamics and Weak Pay-Off Positive Selection Dynamics: An Overview" , Game Theory and Networks : New Perspectives and Directions , Springer Singapore , pp.3 [2022]

2. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Economic Growth, Efficiency and Inequality" , A Simple Dynamic Bargaining Model , Routledge ISBN.978-1-138-89046-6, [2015]


MOOCs course: Introduction to Market Structures
Funding Agency : Ministry of Education NPTEL
Principal Investigator:
Duration/Starting Year: 2021-07-01
Status: New

Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Mousumi Baruah 2021 Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on Assam Economy: Special Emphasis on the Informal Sector
2 Shubham Kumar 2021 Out- Migration from the land of Forests and Minerals : A Case Study of Migration on the Jharkhand State
3 Prashant Kumar Sagar 2021 Micro–Credit and Women’s Empowerment: An Assessment of Women’s Participation in Social and Economic Activity in Jharkhand
4 Avinash Kumar 2020 Comparative Analysis of Non-performing assets (NPA) of Public sector banks and private sector banks. (2006-2018)
6 Jusringdi Dibragede 2019 Comparative analysis of the districts of assam based on the availability of basic Amenities
7 Rupamjit Sonowal 2018 Opportunities and Challenges of Silk Industry of Assam-With Special Reference to Sualkuchi Town
8 Shubha Tiwari 2018 Social Networks in Sila Weaving industry of Sualkuchi,Assam

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Title: Learning through imitation with strategy specific barriers

Name of Conference: International Conference on Game Theoryand Networks

Dibrugarh University and Queens Management School Belfast, Dibrugarh University Sep 19, 2006 - Sep 19, 2007 International
Title: A Non-Cooperative Solution to The Bankruptcy Problem

Name of Conference: International Workshop on Game Theory and Networks

Dibrugarh University and Queenss University Belfast, Dibrugarh University Sep 18, 2013 - Sep 18, 2015 International
Title: A Non-Cooperative Solution to The Bankruptcy Problem

Name of Conference: 14th meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare

Society for sScial Choice and Welfare hosted by Seoul National University, Lotte Hotel ,Seoul, S. Korea Jun 18, 2014 - Jun 18, 2017 International
Title: A Simple Model of Labour Transition Fron Traditional Sector to Modern Sector

Name of Conference: 19th Annual Conference North East Economic Association

North East Economic Association and NEHU, NEHU Shillong Aug 20, 2023 - Aug 20, 2024 National


Title: Strategy Specific Barriers in Learning Through Imitation

Name of Seminar: Economics Webinar Series 2021

South Asian University, New Delhi, New Delhi Mar 12, 2021 National