Amarjyoti Mahanta 

Amarjyoti Mahanta 

Associate Professor 
Education: Ph.D.
+91 361 2582577
Room No: 121

Research Interests: Game Theory, Auction Theory, Industrial Organization

Journal Publications

1. Pallabi Chakraborty and Amarjyoti Mahanta, "The Role of Financial and Physical Assets as Substitute or Complementary to Land as Collateral in Credit Market: Evidence from Indian Households", Economics Systems (Accepted, Forthcoming) [2023]

2. Kashmiri Das and Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Rural non-farm employment diversification in India: The role of gender, education, caste and land ownership", International Journal of Social Economics [2023],

3. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Price competition in a Mixed Duopoly with Discontinuous Marginal Cost Function", Economics Bulletin (Forthcoming) [2022]

4. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "The transition of labour in the presence of adaptation cost and labour market segmentation", Metroeconomica, vol.73, Issue no.1, pp.109-125, ISBN.1467-999X [2021],

5. Amarjyoti Mahanta and Bodhisattva Sengupta, "Price stabilization or income support? Preferences and cost of programmes", Indian Growth and Development Review, vol.13, Issue no.3, pp.629-640, ISBN.1753-8254 [2020],

6. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Endogenous strategic variable in a mixed duopoly", Journal of Economics, Springer, vol.128, Issue no.1, pp.47-67, ISBN.0931-8658 (Print) 16 [2019], 10.1007/s00712-018-0641-1

7. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Contemporaneous Most-Favoured-Customer Pricing Poli cy vs. Price Discrimination in a Differentiated Product Duopoly Market", Economics Bulletin, vol.36, Issue no.1, pp.75-83, ISBN.1545-2921 [2016]

8. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Price Competition in a Mixed Oligopoly Market", Seoul Journal of Economics, Institute of Economic Research (Director Keunkwan Ryu) Seoul National University Seoul 08826, Korea, vol.29, Issue no.2, pp.165-180, ISBN.1225-0279 [2016]

Book Chapter

1. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Replicator Dynamics and Weak Pay-Off Positive Selection Dynamics: An Overview" , Game Theory and Networks : New Perspectives and Directions , Springer Singapore , pp.3 [2022]

2. Amarjyoti Mahanta, "Economic Growth, Efficiency and Inequality" , A Simple Dynamic Bargaining Model , Routledge ISBN.978-1-138-89046-6, [2015]


MOOCs course: Introduction to Market Structures
Funding Agency : Ministry of Education NPTEL
Principal Investigator:
Duration/Starting Year: 2021-07-01
Status: New

Sl.No Name Thesis Title PhD Status
1 Anjali Singh
2 Daipayan Dhar Essays on Crimes, Politics and Public Finance in India
3 Lakhi Narayan Bharadwaj Technology adoption, Skill mismatch, Expansion of Organised Sector and its implications on Unorganised Sector APR1
4 Pallabi Chakraborty Asymmetric information and social networks in credit market: A theoretical cum empirical study Completed
5 Mario Valentinus Poluakan Rural Labor Market and Livelihood: Cases in Java, Indonesia SOAS
6 Md. Nasir Khurshid SOAS
Sl.No Name Year Dissertation Title
1 Mousumi Baruah 2021 Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on Assam Economy: Special Emphasis on the Informal Sector
2 Shubham Kumar 2021 Out- Migration from the land of Forests and Minerals : A Case Study of Migration on the Jharkhand State
3 Prashant Kumar Sagar 2021 Micro–Credit and Women’s Empowerment: An Assessment of Women’s Participation in Social and Economic Activity in Jharkhand
4 Avinash Kumar 2020 Comparative Analysis of Non-performing assets (NPA) of Public sector banks and private sector banks. (2006-2018)
6 Jusringdi Dibragede 2019 Comparative analysis of the districts of assam based on the availability of basic Amenities
7 Rupamjit Sonowal 2018 Opportunities and Challenges of Silk Industry of Assam-With Special Reference to Sualkuchi Town
8 Shubha Tiwari 2018 Social Networks in Sila Weaving industry of Sualkuchi,Assam
9 Kethavath Kumar Naik

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Title: Learning through imitation with strategy specific barriers

Name of Conference: International Conference on Game Theoryand Networks

Dibrugarh University and Queens Management School Belfast, Dibrugarh University Sep 19, 2006 - Sep 19, 2007 International
Title: A Non-Cooperative Solution to The Bankruptcy Problem

Name of Conference: International Workshop on Game Theory and Networks

Dibrugarh University and Queenss University Belfast, Dibrugarh University Sep 18, 2013 - Sep 18, 2015 International
Title: A Non-Cooperative Solution to The Bankruptcy Problem

Name of Conference: 14th meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare

Society for sScial Choice and Welfare hosted by Seoul National University, Lotte Hotel ,Seoul, S. Korea Jun 18, 2014 - Jun 18, 2017 International
Title: A Simple Model of Labour Transition Fron Traditional Sector to Modern Sector

Name of Conference: 19th Annual Conference North East Economic Association

North East Economic Association and NEHU, NEHU Shillong Aug 20, 2023 - Aug 20, 2024 National


Title: Strategy Specific Barriers in Learning Through Imitation

Name of Seminar: Economics Webinar Series 2021

South Asian University, New Delhi, New Delhi Mar 12, 2021 National