Biotalk is an extended lecture series spanning the entire academic year organized by Department of Biotechnology, IIT Guwahati. Speakers include, distinguished experts form academia and industry working in the inter-disciplinary areas of biotechnology along with faculty members and research students of the department.

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Title of the talk:" Disease modelling of haemotological diseases using iPSc"

Speaker: Dr. Shaji Velayudhan, Department of Haematology, CMC Vellore

Date & Time: 2021-09-10, 5.00PM

Venue : Online through MS Team

Abstract of the Talk:

Dr. Shaji Velayudhan is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Haematology and Adjunct Scientist at Centre for Stem Cell Research, Christian Medical College Vellore. One of his major areas of research is disease modeling of hematological diseases using induced pluripotent stem cells. His lab has established the protocols for the routine generation of iPSCs from the patients and normal control donors. For disease modeling, he works on two diseases mainly: Fanconi anemia and Diamond Blackfan anemia. A large number of the patients with these diseases were genotyped using exome sequencing and iPSCs have been generated from a few patients with specific genotypes for disease modelling to understand the pathogenesis of this disease. Using efficient gene-editing strategies established in the lab, his team generates iosgenic wildtype and mutant iPSC lines to answer some fundamental questions in these diseases

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