Institute Covid Guidelines 

  1. The students are instructed strictly adhere to the COVID appropriate behaviour in the campus and help each other to ensure safety on the campus. You may think to impose self-curfew for next few days so that no untoward situation (like containment zone, etc.) arises on the campus.

  2. Particularly, those who have returned to the campus in last few days are instructed to self-quarantine (at least for five days) themselves in the respective hostel rooms voluntarily and do not mix with others. Accordingly, they may please inform the hostel office to get help for their routine.

  3. As already informed by the CRT, now onwards whoever is coming to the campus will be mandatorily send to quarantine. Detailed guidelines in this regard will be issued soon from HAB Office.  Those who were permitted to come to the campus but have not yet booked their tickets are requested not to book the tickets now. Let the situation come to normal so that they can plan coming to the campus.

  4. All employees and residents are requested to strictly adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols and especially wearing of face masks and physical distancing. Any person found to be moving around without wearing face masks properly in public places will be issued a warning for the first time. A repeat offence will lead to stringent action by the concerned authority, which, in case of students, will result in being asked to leave the campus. All are requested to cooperate with the Security officials who have been ordered to assist the Institute to implement the same.

  5. All students arriving on campus will have to undergo Rapid Antigen Tests, irrespective of their vaccination status. They will further have to be in quarantine and re-tested upon completion of the quarantine period. This will also include students who leave campus for more than a day. Modalities on the same will be notified by the Student Affairs Section/Hostel Affairs Board shortly.

  6. Gathering in groups is prohibited. Employees/Residents/Students are especially requested not to move around in groups of more than 2-3.  

  7. Students will no longer be permitted to leave the campus from any of the gates with immediate effect till further notice. Any student wishing to go outside to attend to any emergency will have to take prior permission of the Warden of their respective hostels. Any student who goes out of the campus overnight will have to follow the testing and quarantine protocol of Students’ Affairs/HAB.

  8. Click Here: For the protocols to be followed by close contacts of positive patients.


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