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Research Areas:

Cell based tissue engineering, Biomaterials,Stem cells, Drug delivery systems

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Tissue engineering has emerged as a potential way to treat tissue damage or organ failure as a result of injury or disease. Our laboratory focuses on developing lab grown tissue/organ replacements for human transplantation. Major focus is towards the following core areas :

  • Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering
  • 3D Bioprinting of Human Tissues and Organs
  • Human Stem Cells Based Regeneration
  • Targeted Drug Delivery
  • 3D Disease Models for High Throughput Drug Screening

Technologies Licensed/Transfered to Industry: 03

Products to Market: 01

Total publications = 150, Total cumulative impact factor = 940+, average impact factor per publication = 5.6, total citations = 6550+ with “h- index” of 45 and "i10- index" of 106. 

Educational Qualification:

  • Post Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, Boston USA (2009-2011)
  • Ph.D. (Biotechnology), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India (2005-2009).
  • M.Sc. (Biotechnology), H.P. University, Shimla, India (2003-2005).
  • B.Sc. Presidency College, Calcutta University, Kolkata, India (2000-2003).


Awards and Achievements:

  • SWARNAJAYANTI Fellowship 2020 in LIFE SCIENCE by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.
  • S. Ramachandran NATIONAL BIOSCIENCE AWARD for Career Development 2021 by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India
  • Included in “World Top 2% Scientist List” preparedby Stanford University USA 2020.
  • B.M. BIRLA SCIENCE PRIZE 2018 in BIOLOGY. Citation and cash award.
  • INSA-Medal for Young Scientists 2015 by Indian National Science Academy, India. Citation and cash award.
  • NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award 2013 by The National Academy of Sciences India. Citation and cash award.
  • NASI-SCOPUS Young Scientist Award 2016 by National Academy of Sciences and SCOPUS India. Citation and cash award.
  • 3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS 2019 as “Innovator in Tissue Engineering of the year – Medical” for our contribution in 3D bioprinting of human organs and tissues for transplantation.
  • APA- Young Scientist Award 2019 by Asian Polymer Association, an International forum on Polymer Science and Technology.
  • DST-INSPIRE Faculty award 2013 by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
  • DAE- Young Scientist Award 2011, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).
  • Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award (GYTI- 2014) given by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar at IIM Ahmedabad. Citation and cash award.
  • MAHE Young Scientist Award 2012 by Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India (SBAOI) at BIND International Conference, IISC, Bangalore.
  • SYIS Young Scientist Award 2011, TERMIS Asia Pacific International conference, Singapore. Certificate and cash award.
  • Delivered an invited talk at MIT, Boston, Department of Material Science and Engineering (Invited by Prof Christine Ortiz)
  • Member of the National Academy of Sciences, India (M.N.A.Sc.), 2014 onwards
  • DBT-Rapid Grants for Young Investigator (RGYI) Award 2012, Department of Biotechnology.
  • DST-FAST TRACK Young Investigator Award 2013, Department of Science and Technology.
  • Department of Science and Technology (DST) travel grant award 2015 for attending TERMIS World Congress in Boston, USA
  • CSIR- Travel Grant Award 2014 for attending International Silk Conference in Shanghai, China
  • Department of Biotechnology (DBT) travel grant award 2013 for attending TERMIS International Conference in Shanghai, China
  • Department of Science and Technology (DST) travel grant award 2012 for attending TERMIS World Congress in Vienna, Austria

Professional Experience:

  • Associate Dean, Academics (UG), May 08, 2020 onwards
  • Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati (September 2020 onwards).
  • Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati (2015-2019).
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati (2012-2015).
  • Assistant Professor (on contract), Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati (2011-2012).


Visiting Faculty:

  • University College London (UCL), London, UK 2015.
  • KTH, School of Biotechnology, AlbaNova University Centre, Stockholm, Sweden 2014 & 2016.
  • Justus- Liebig University, Gissen, Germany 2014.
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore 2012.
  • Gauhati University (GU), Department of Bioengineering and Technology, India 2015.


Editorial Board Member:

  • Biofabrication
  • Journal of the Indian Institute of Science
  • In Vitro Models
  • Biomedical Materials
  • Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (TIBAO)
  • Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
  • Frontiers in Materials
  • Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences
  • Journal of Biomaterials Applications (Associate Editor)
  • Applied Nanomedicine


Member of Professional Bodies/Scientific Organizations:

  1. NASI National Academy of Sciences, India(M.N.A.Sc)
  2. TERMIS – Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society.
  3. BMES – Biomedical Engineering Society, USA.
  4. SBAOI – Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India (Life member)
  5. STERMI – Society for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, India (Life member)
  6. SIRMB – Society for Interdisciplinary Research in Materials and Biology, India (BOG member)
  7. ISCA – The Indian Science Congress Association (Life member)
  8. BRSI --The Biotech Research Society of India (Life member)
  9. APA -- Asian Polymer Association (Life Member)
  10. ISNM -- Indian Society of Nanomedicine (Life Member)
  11. SfRBM – Society for Redox Biology and Medicine (Member)


Plenary/Popular/Invited Lectures Delivered:

  1. Invited Talk at Japan?India YNU Symposium 2020 titled "Science, Technology and Innovations for SDGs in India and Japan”, Yokohama National University, Japan, 27-28 December, 2020.
  2. Invited Talk at TEQIP III Short Term Course on "Nanostructured Materials and their Applications in Nanotechnology (NAMAAN-2020, IITG, October 26 – 30, 2020
  3. Invited Talk at Smart Materials for Sustainable Technology (SMST-2020), Goa, Feb 22-25, 2020.
  4. Invited Talk at All Indian Cell Biology Conference (AICBC-2019), IISER Mohali, Dec 18-21, 2019.
  5. Invited Talk at 6th International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterial and Nanotechnology (ICANN2019), IIT Guwahati, 18-21 December 2019.
  6. Keynote Lecture and Co-Chair at BioTERM-2019 organized by Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Kanpur, November 27-30, 2019.
  7. Invited Talk at NatFOS 2019, November 06-08, 2019, Jaipur.
  8. Invited Talk and Guest of Honor at West Bengal State Student-Youth Science Fair-2019, November 08, 2019, Kolkata.
  9. Invited Talk at Biological Engineering Society Conference (BESCON-2019), IIT Madras, October 18-19, 2019.
  10. Invited Talk and Co-Chair at International Conference on Advances in Polymeric Materials & Human Healthcare, APA-STERMI 2019, Goa, October 16-18, 2019.
  11. Invited Talk at 7th edition of Reflux, the Annual Symposium of the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, September 28, 2019.
  12. Invited talk Elsevier Connect Forum in collaboration with Jadavpur University, Kolkata, September 19, 2019.
  13. Invited Talk at Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), Bhubaneswar, September 13, 2019.
  14. Invited Talk at BSSE, IISC Bangalore, August 25, 2019
  15. Popular Science Lecture to Undergraduate students at Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search, (JBNSTS), Kolkata, March 29, 2019.
  16. Popular Science Lecture at IIT Guwahati, Research Conclave 2019.
  17. Popular Science Lecture to Top 1% 10+ students of West Bengal at Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search, (JBNSTS), Kolkata, March 17, 2019.
  18. 4th Annual Conference organized by Assam Endocrine Society hosted by Department of Endocrinology, Gauhati Medical College, March 15-16, 2019, Kaziranga, Assam.
  19. Indian Biophysical Society International Conference, IISER Kolkata, March 15-17, 2019
  20. Indo-Egyptian symposium meeting, BSBE Department, IIT Bombay, January 30-31, 2019
  21. Invited Talk at 1st Indian Materials Conclave and 30th Annual General Meeting of Materials Research Society of India (MRSI), February 12-15, 2019.
  22. Invited Talk at National Symposium on “From Genes to Network: Recent trends in Cell Signaling”, December 14-15, 2018, Amity University, Haryana.
  23. Invited Talk at International conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology: Roadway from Laboratory to Market”, December 20-21, 2018, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NIT Raipur.
  24. Popular Lecture conducted by The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), NER Chapter, November 24, 2018, St. Edmund’s College, Shillong.
  25. Invited Talk and Co-Chair at International Conference on Advances in Polymer Science & Technology (APA-2018), November 1-3, 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  26. Invited Talk and Rapporteur at 3rd Annual Conference of ISNM “Nanobioteck-2018”, 24th-27th October 2018. IIT Delhi and AIIMS, New Delhi.
  27. Invited talk at 5th TERMIS World Congress- 2018, Kyoto Japan, September 4-7, 2018.
  28. Invited Talk at 4th Annual Conference 2018, Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Assam Chapter, August 25-26, 2018, Radisson Blue, Guwahati, Assam.
  29. Invited Talk at International Symposium of Functional Nanomaterials (ISFM), April 13-15, 2018, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh.
  30. Invited Popular Talk to school kids under Dean Outreach Initiative, Feb 06, 2018, IIT Guwahati.
  31. Plenary Lecture at CME on Arthritis, Joint disorders and Tissue Engineering at Department of Orthopedics NEIGRIHMS Shillong, Feb 02, 2018.
  32. 4th BSSE Anuual Symposium, IISC Bangalore, Jan 25, 2018
  33. Invited Talk at RBAT IV, International Conference, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Kerala, Jan 24, 2018
  34. 2nd NanoBioteck International Conference, Trivandrum, December 08, 2017
  35. Invited Talk and Co-Chair at Asian Biomaterials Congress (ABMC), Trivandrum, October 25-27, 2017.
  36. UK-India Research Links Workshop organized by British Council and Newton Bhabha fund, April 20-23, 2017.
  37. Invited Talk at Annual conference, Indian Society for Dental Research (ISDR), AIIMS, Delhi, October 02, 2017
  38. Invited Talk at Science Day, IASST, Guwahati, March 03, 2017
  39. Invited talk at UGC Refresher course, Guwahati University, March 23, 2017
  40. Invited talk at Research conclave, IIT Guwahati, March 2017
  41. Invited Talk at ABSMSNW International Conference, IIT BHU, 19-23 February 2017
  42. Invited talk at TE-QIP, NIT Raipur, January 13, 2017
  43. Invited Talk and Co-Chair at Nanobiotek Conference, AIIMS, November 25, 2016
  44. Invited Talk TE-QIP, CIF, IIT Guwahati, March 30, 2016.
  45. Invited Talk at Research Conclave, IIT Guwahati. March 19, 2016.
  46. Invited Talk at Ishan Vikas 2015, IIT Guwahati, December 09, 2015.
  47. Invited Talk at Recent Advances in Formulation Techniques & Tissue Engineering 2015, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, India, November 16, 2015.
  48. Invited Talk at Advances in Polymer Science & Technology (APST-2015) National conference, IASST, Guwahati, India, March 13, 2015.
  49. Invited Talk at Advances in Biomedical Engineering, QIP programme, February 26, 2015, IIT Guwahati.
  50. Invited Talk at Micro-Manufacturing for Biomedical Applications, QIP programme, February 23, 2015, IIT Guwahati.
  51. Invited Talk at IIT Guwahati – Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan, Joint Symposium on Biobased Materials, January 20, 2015, IIT Guwahati.
  52. Invited Talk at Smart Materials and Their Applications in Nanotechnology, QIP programme, December 23, 2014, IIT Guwahati.
  53. Invited Talk at Sophisticated Instruments in Interdisciplinary Research, TEQIP programme, November 25, 2014, IIT Guwahati.
  54. Invited Talk at KTH, School of Biotechnology, AlbaNova University Centre, Stockholm, Sweden, October 27, 2014 (Invited by Prof. My Hedhammar)
  55. Invited Talk at International Silk Conference, Fudan and Soochow University, Shanghai, China, October 8-12, 2014.
  56. Invited Talk at UGC-NRCM Workshop on Biomaterials, Department of Materials Engineering, IISC, Bangalore, May 23-25, 2014 (Invited by Prof. Ashok. M. Raichur).
  57. Invited Talk at Justus –Liebig- University, Giessen, Germany on March 11, 2014 (Invited by Professor Ralph Schermuly).
  58. Invited Talk at National School on Sustainable Polymers & First Symposium on Advances in Sustainable Polymers (ASP-14), January 06, 2014, IIT Guwahati.
  59. Invited Talk at 2nd International conference on Medical materials, devices and regenerative medicine (MMDRM -2014), Kathmandu, Nepal, January 11-13, 2014.
  60. Invited Talk at Molecular Tools in Medical Biotechnology Investigation, QIP programme, December 02, 2013, IIT Guwahati. 
  61. Invited Talk at DUPONT Knowledge Centre, September 20, 2013, Hyderabad.
  62. Invited Talk at Advanced School in Biomedical Nanotechnology, Sastra University, March 25-29, 2013 Thanjavur.
  63. Invited Talk at MIBISEM-2013 conference, North Bengal University (NBU), February 25-26, 2013 Siliguri.
  64. Invited Talk at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore December 15-28 2012 (Invited by Prof. Nam-Joon Cho, School of Biological Sciences/Materials sciences/HealthCare Sciences)
  65. Invited Talk at Healthcare India, February 20-23, 2012, International conference, New Delhi.
  66. Invited Talk at ICMPAR 2012, International conference, March 29-31, 2012 Rajasthan.
  67. Invited Talk at BIND 2012, International conference, IISC, December 9-11, 2012 Bangalore
  68. Invited Talk at Recent Advancements in Microfluidics-2011, Short term course, IIT Guwahati.
  69. Invited Talk at MIT, Boston 2011, Department of Material Science and Engineering (Invited by Prof Christine Ortiz)


Courses Taught:

  • BT-618: Biomaterials (BTech/MTech/PhD).
  • BT-101: Modern Biology (BTech).
  • BT-501: Biotechniques (MTech/PhD).
  • BT-308: Animal Cell Biotechnology (BTech).
  • BT-636: Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells (MTech/PhD).
  • NT-601-Nano device: Fabrication, productization and patent writing(PhD)
  • BT-308: Bioengineering (BTech)

Guest Faculty:

  • Gauhati University, Department of Bioengineering (February 2015 onwards).



1. Shreya Mehrotra, Bruna A.G. de Melo, Minoru Hirano, Wendy Kung, Ronald A. Li, Biman B. Mandal*, Su Ryon Shin* "Non-mulberry Silk Based Ink for Fabricating Mechanically Robust Cardiac Patches and Endothelialized Myocardium-on-a-chip Application", Advanced Functional Materials. DOI., Vol.30, , P.P 1907436- , (2020)

2. Eoghan M. Cunnane, Katherine L. Lorentz, Aneesh K. Ramaswamy, Prerak Gupta, Biman B. Mandal, Fergal J. O’Brien, Justin S. Weinbaum and David A. Vorp "Extracellular Vesicles Enhance the Remodeling of Cell-Free Silk Vascular Scaffolds in Rat Aortae", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces . DOI., Vol.12, , P.P 26955-26965 , (2020)

3. Ankit Gangrade, Basveshwar Gawali, Praveen Kumar Jadi, Vegi G. M. Naidu and Biman B. Mandal* "Photo-Electro Active Nanocomposite Silk Hydrogel for Spatiotemporal Controlled Release of Chemotherapeutics: An in vivo approach towards suppressing solid tumor growth", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. DOI., Vol.12, , P.P 27905-27916 , (2020)

4. Prerak Gupta, Katherine L. Lorentz, Darren G. Haskett, Eoghan M. Cunnane, Aneesh K. Ramaswamy, Justin S. Weinbaum, David A. Vorp* and Biman B. Mandal* "Bioresorbable silk grafts for small diameter vascular tissue engineering applications: In vitro and in vivo functional analysis", Acta Biomaterialia. DOI., Vol.105, , P.P 146-158 , (2020)

5. Charanya Ramachandran*, Prerak Gupta, Swatilekha Hazra and Biman B Mandal* "In vitro culture of human corneal endothelium on silk fibroin films for tissue regeneration", Trans. Vision Sci. Tech, . DOI., Vol.9, , P.P 12-16 , (2020)

Conference Publication

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Patents granted/applied/in process:

  1. Biman B. Mandal and David L. Kaplan. Multilayered silk scaffolds for meniscus tissue engineering. (US Patent PCT/US2011/039786).
  1. Biman B. Mandal and David L. Kaplan. Silk powder compaction for production of constructs with high mechanical strength and stiffness. (US Patent WO 2014012101 A1).
  1. Biman B. Mandal and David L. Kaplan.Methods of producing and using silk microfibers. (US Patent WO 20150165092A1).
  1. Biman B. Mandal and David L. Kaplan. Implantable Intervertebral disc devices and uses thereof. (US Patent WO 20140222152A1).
  1. Biman B. Mandal and Sween Gilotra.Electrospun Sericin/PVA mat as a prospective wound dressing material. (Indian patent 638/KOL/2015)
  1. Biman B. Mandal and Prerak Gupta. Patterned silk film based vascular graft and its use thereof.(Indian patent 1246/KOL/2015).
  1. Biman B Mandal. Injectable silk hydrogel and its uses thereof. Indian Patent application 31008502.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Dimple Chouhan. Silk hydrogels for treatment of burn wounds. Indian Patent Application 201831022013.
  1. Biman B Mandal and G. Janani. Urokinase production through fiber reinforced silk sacffold using high density perfusion culture. Patent Application 201831024035.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Jadi Praveen Kumar.Silk sericin for skin care application and its process of preparation. Indian Patent Application 201831026915.
  1. Biman B Mandal, Y.P. Singh, A. Bandyopadhyay, S. Mehrotra, J.C. Moses, B.K. Bhunia, G. Janani, D. Chouhan. Development of silk based bioinks for 3D printing and uses thereof. Indian Patent Application 201831038727.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Suvro Kanti Choudhury. Nutritious Tissue Engineered Edible Meat and Methods of Production Thereof. Indian Patent Application 201831047999.
  1. Biman B Mandal, Dimple Chouhan, Bibrita Bhar and Rajiv Borah. Silk fibroin-Aloe Vera matrices for wound healing. Indian Patent Application 201931004617.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Ankit Gangrade. Injectable nanocomposite silk hydrogel for targetted and controlled delivery of therapeutic agents. Indian Patent Application 201931004799.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Prerak Gupta. Bi-layered porous silk vascular grafts and their uses theirof. Indian Patent Application 201931024432.
  1. Biman B Mandal and Bibhas K. Bhunia. Antimicrobial coatings and preparation process thereof. Indian Patent Application 202031014932.
  1. Lissy K. Krishnan, Rashmi R., Dimple Chouhan and Biman B. Mandal. A porous injectable, freeze-dried hydrogel scafoold aiding dermal regeneration and process of preparation thereof. Indian Patent Application 201941022982.
  2. Biman B Mandal, Saptarshi Biswas and Bibhas K. Bhunia. Hemostatic silk fibroin composite powder. Indian Patent Application 202031051948.
  3. Biman B. Mandal and Janani G. Silk-Liver ECM composite for bioartificial liver. Indian Patent Application 202031056432.



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