Chanda Souptick

Assistant Professor

Research Areas:

Biomechanics, implant design and optimization, surgical simulations and soft computing

Web page:


1. Ghosh, R., Chanda, S., Chakraborty, D. "The Influence of Macro-textural Designs over Implant Surface on Bone On-growth: A Computational Mechanobiology Based Study", Computers in Biology and Medicine, Elsevier, DOI., Vol.124 (September 2020), 103937, , P.P - , (2020)

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3. Chanda, S., Gupta, S., Pratihar, D.K. "A Combined Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm based Approach for Optimized Femoral Implant having Improved Primary Stability", Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier, DOI., Vol.38(2016):296–307, , P.P - , (2016)

4. Chanda, S., Gupta, S., Pratihar, D.K. "Effects of Interfacial Conditions on Shape Optimization of Cementless Hip Stem: an Investigation Based on a Hybrid Framework", Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Springer, DOI., Vol.53(5), 1143–1155, , P.P - , (2016)

5. Chanda, S., Gupta, S., Pratihar, D.K. "A Genetic Algorithm based Multiobjective Shape Optimization Scheme for Cementless Femoral Implant", Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, trans. ASME, DOI., Vol.137(3):034502(1–12), , P.P - , (2015)

6. Chanda, S., Dickinson, A.S., Gupta, S., Browne, M. "Full-field in vitro Measurements and in silico Predictions of Strain Shielding in the Implanted Femur after Total Hip Arthroplasty", Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Proc. IMechE, Part-H, DOI., Vol.229(8):549–559, , P.P - , (2015)

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