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Research Areas:

Systems Biology, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology, Complex System, Cell Signaling

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Research Group

We work at the interface of experimental biology and mathematical modeling. We study various dynamical processes in cells and try to understand the generalized principles that govern these processes. Particularly we are interested in cell signaling, intercellular interactions, dynamical and stochastic processes in biology. For more on our interests and works, please visit our lab webpage

Ph. D (Biochemistry)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Engineering)
Jadavpur University, Kolkata


B. Pharm
Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Online Course:

"Introduction to Dynamical Models in Biology"- available on YouTube

It was earlier offered as an open online course (MOOC) through NPTEL. 


Current teaching assignment:

July - November 2020 session:

Systems Biology (BT 612)


Previous teaching assignments:

Modern Biology (BT 101)

Biophysics (BT205)

Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering (BT 208)

Immunology (BT 303)

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BT 306) 

Animal Cell Biotechnology ( BT 308)

Biochemical Engineering Laboratory (BT330)

Frontiers in Biotechnology (BT 401)

Analytical Biotechnology (BT 601)

Systems Biology (BT 612)



1. Vimalathithan Devaraj, Biplab Bose "DEBay: A computational tool for deconvolution of quantitative PCR data for estimation of cell type-specific gene expression in a mixed population", Heliyon. DOI., Vol.6, 7, P.P e04489- , (2020)

2. Vimalathithan Devaraj, Biplab Bose "The Mathematics of Phenotypic State Transition: Paths and Potential", Journal of the Indian Institute of Science. DOI.10.1007/s41745-020-00173-6, Vol.100, 3, P.P 451-464 , (2020)

3. Agarwal M, Mondal T, Bose B "Peptides derived from a short stretch of diphtheria toxin bind to heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor", Toxicon. DOI., Vol.169, , P.P 109-116 , (2019)

4. Chandrasekaran K, Bose B "Percolation in a reduced equilibrium model of planar cell polarity", Physical Review E. DOI., Vol.100, , P.P 032408- , (2019)

5. Devaraj V, Bose B "Morphological State Transition Dynamics in EGF-induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition", Journal of clinical medicine . DOI., Vol.8, 7, P.P E911.- , (2019)

Conference Publication

1. Devaraj V, Dutta P, Bose B "Signal Discrimination through a Negative Feedback", RTG Big Data Research Summer School, Allahabad University. Vol., , P.P - , (2019)

2. Devaraj V, Bose B "Understanding the Cellular State Transition in Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition", 1st IBSE International Symposium, IIT Madras. Vol., , P.P - , (2018)

3. Dutta P., Devaraj V., Bose B. "Characterization of a Negative Feedback in PI3K/Akt pathway", International symposium on Systems, Synthetic and Chemical Biology, Bose Institute Kolkata.. Vol., , P.P - , (2017)

4. Loying P., Manhas J., Sen S., Bose B. "Cellular Heterogeneity in Expression of an Oncofetal Protein", 83rd Annual Meeting of Society Of Biological Chemists (India) Bhubaneshwar. Vol., , P.P - , (2014)

5. Loying P., Bose B. "Exploring Heterogeneity in Expression of Human Cripto-1.", International Conference on Disease Biology and Therapeutics, Guwahati. Vol., , P.P - , (2014)

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"A recombinant Mouse-Human chimeric Fab against Hepatitis B surface antigen"  -Subrata Sinha, Biplab Bose, Navin khanna, Subrat Kumar Acharya. Patent granted: India: 251904; South Africa: ZA2009/04338; Patent Pending: PCT/IN2007/000403.

"Surface Acoustic Wave Based System for detection of HBsAg."- Namami Goswami N, P. R. Paily, Biplab Bose. Indian Patent Application No. 201931054349

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