Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology

Head of the Centre

Sanasam Ranbir  Singh

Associate Professor,
Computer Science and Engineering

  hoclst @ iitg.ac.in

Contact Address

Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology
3rd Floor, Library Building (DATA Centre side)
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Assam, INDIA

 +91 361 258 3085

 lstoff @ iitg.ac.in

Website : https://www.iitg.ac.in/clst/

About Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology

The Centre for Linguistic Science and Technology is an attempt to study, achieve and preserve to create a knowledge base of indigenous resources available in Indian Languages with a specific emphasis to north-east India. Keeping this in view, people from four departments have collaborated to create this resource facility. The center will be built in the area of language and primary functions of the center will include preservation and archiving of minority languages spoken in India, speech and written text analysis of the languages and technology development in Indian languages. As part of the goal to archive and preserve the local languages, the center will aim at creating speech and text databases for the languages spoken in the North East, specifically the minority languages. The center will be responsible for disseminating information and technology developed in the center at both local and global levels. At the local level, the center will be focused in empowering the local communities in the NE region by making the center’s knowledge and experience available to the communities. At the same time the center will be a nodal center that will involve and mentor other institutions in the area in the field of research and development especially in language analysis and related technology development.