Financial Assistance

IIT Guwahati awards the following scholarships to its under–graduate/post-graduate students to promote and recognize academic excellence, and overall growth and development of meritorious students and students with low parental income.

Institute Merit Scholarship (IMS) is available for BTech/BDes/MSc/MA students of the Institute, which is meant for the year-wise class toppers of all the streams and is awarded from the second year onward.

Institute Merit-cum-Means (McM) Scholarships is awarded to BTech/BDes/MSc/MA students of the institute strictly on merit-cum-means basis to up to 25% of non-SC/ST students.

SC-ST Scholarships is awarded to all BTech/BDes/MSc/MA students of SC/ST categories with specified income level.

Student Travel Assistance Fund (STAF) is intended to help meritorious students attend and make presentations in national/international conferences, workshops, symposia, scientific meetings etc.

Student Contingency Fund (SCF) offers financial assistance to students who encounter unexpected difficulties during the tenure of their study in IIT Guwahati, such as a serious accident, illness, calamity in family etc.

Student Childcare Assistance Fund (SCAF) is for married student parents who find it difficult to finance their child/children for their education may apply for assistance under.

Students’ Brotherhood Fund (SBF) provides fund as “Loans of Honour” (interest free but to be refunded) to the deserving student applicants to meet their own educational/medical expenses.

Director of the Institute can have assigned prerogative to award Special Scholarship to maximum 5 students every year on genuine means basis. While it is possible to award all 5 scholarships in a year in deserving cases, it may also not be awarded if there is no such case.

If ordinance or rules of the Institute permit, the Institute allows students to avail scholarships awarded by external Govt/non-Govt. organizations (such as central sector scholarship schemes, scholarships form state Govts., scholarships from private trusts etc.).

Assistantships are also provided to most of the students admitted for the MTech and PhD programmes