Mental Wellbeing

IIT Guwahati takes pride as a leading student caring Institute with appropriate measures to ensure their wellbeing and security and safety. The Institute has all forms of support services, administrative mechanisms and rules and regulations to make the safety and security systems work for the wellbeing of students. As responsible and mature adults of the society, the students are expected to behave in a manner that ensures their safety and security and to uphold the dignity of this revered Institution. Disciplinary and procedural issues are handled in a manner consistent with that academic and extra-curricular focus of the Institute.

Initiation of Equal Opportunity Cells(EOC) across the Institutions of higher learning is a significant step of Ministry of Education towards addressing problems and concerns of students representing different disadvantaged groups of the society including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, women, minorities, and differently-abled (DA) persons/ Persons with Disabilities (PWD). IIT Guwahati has a zero tolerance approach towards discrimination and violation of dignity of fellow students or other members of IIT Guwahati community on the basis of caste, language, religion, region, disability, gender, sexual orientation and race. IIT Guwahati has an Equal Opportunity- Cum-Special Reservation Cell (EO –Cum-SRC), set up to aid and advise the students belonging to marginalized sections including the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes & persons with disabilities, etc. pursuing various programs of studies at IIT Guwahati.