Important Information

Tie Breaking Rules

While assigning the ranks for selection based on GATE score, or composite scores, or the marks in the written test and/or interview, if there is a tie between two or more candidates, the following rules in that order will be followed for breaking the tie:
  1. The candidate having higher percentage of aggregate marks in Class 12 or equivalent will be ranked higher.
  2. If that does not break the tie, then the candidate having higher percentage of aggregate marks in Class 10 will be ranked higher.
  3. If that does not break the tie, then based on Date of Birth, the candidate senior/older in age will be ranked higher.
  4. If there is a tie even after this, such candidates will be assigned the same rank.


  • The Common Offer Acceptance Portal or COAP was initiated in 2017 to provide a common platform for GATE qualified candidates seeking admission to make the most preferred choice for admission into an MTech Programme in the participating Institutes of COAP.
  • Along with all IITs and IISc, IIT Guwahati is also a participating Institute of COAP.
  • COAP is not an Application Portal for M.Tech. Admission in any participating institutes.
  • Candidates selected for MTech admission at participating Institute, shall be offered through COAP. The candidates have to make the decision on COAP portal.
  • MTech programmes of IIT Guwahati which are offered through COAP are indicated. The candidates who are submitting applications for those programmes should also register on the COAP portal.
  • For more details, please visit the COAP portal: Click Here

Other Information

  • Candidates who are in Final Semester of Qualifying Degree: Candidates still to appear in their qualifying degree examinations may also apply, provided they appear in all their qualifying degree examinations and complete all requirements for their degrees before 15-06-2024. If selected, such candidates shall be admitted provisionally, and they will have to furnish the results of their qualifying degree examinations latest by 31-08-2024. Further, they must fulfil the minimum requirements of marks/CPI, and other conditions like valid GATE/ NET/ CEED score (as may be applicable) etc., as mentioned under eligibility requirements for respective programmes. Failure to fulfil any of these requirements shall automatically result in cancellation of admission.
  • Cautionary Note: The information given in the Admission Website is not the complete set of Rules & Regulations for the programmes of IIT Guwahati. One may have to visit the Academic Section website and also the respective Department/School/Centre website to get complete understanding of the programme intended to apply.
  • Legal Jurisdiction: The Courts at Guwahati alone shall have the jurisdiction to settle and decide all matters and disputes related to the admission process of IIT Guwahati.